There has been a democratically elected Students’ Union which has been performing under the able guidance of concerned Teachers. The main activities of this union are as follows:

To guide and assist freshers.
To organize different cultural and social programmes through out the year.
To organize all outdoor and indoor sports competitions.
To maintain healthy communication between teaching, non-teaching staff and students.
To take care of the academic interest of the students.
To publish Annual Magazine and Wall Magazine in due course.
To assist in conducting all the academic Tours and Field Work throughout the year.


Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Jayasri Debdas President
2. Barnali Maity Vice President
3. Khairun Nahar Khatun General Secretary.
4. Ketaki Maity Assistant General Secretary
5. Vacant Secretary, Students’ Welfare
6. Vacant Assitt. Secretary, Students’ Welfare
7. Nibedita Sahoo Secretary, Games and Sports
8. Tulika Das Assitt. Secretary, Games & Sports
9. Satabdi Mal Secretary, Common Room
10. Sudeshna Maity Assitt. Secretary, Common Room
11. Sayanti Samanta Secretary, Magazine & Literature
12. Suparna Dhal Assitt. Secretary, Magazine & Literature
13. Dalia Parvin Secretary, Social and Cultural
14. Sanchita Jana Assitt. Secretary, Social and Cultural
15. Sonam Das Secretary, Bigyan Parishad
16. Jayashri Sahoo Assitt. Secretary, Bigyan Parishad
17. Anupama Dolai Member
16. Sumitra Bhunia Member
19. Moumita Kuilya Member
20. Raisha Rahaman Member
21. Sampa Kundu Member
22. Siuli Maity Member
23. Arpita Das Member
24. Somdatta Das Member
25. Tamanna Islam Member

The PRAKTANI SABHA (Alumnae Association) of college was established in 2002. It was registered under the West Bengal Societies Act. The Governing Body of the college has already accorded its approval. It was established to fulfill following objectives:

To guide the students community  
To establish a healthy relationship between the students, alumnae and all academic fraternities of the college.  
To assist in holding seminars, symposium, workshop and many other philanthropic activities.  
To promote all academic and infrastructural development.  
To offer services that college needs.  
To counsel about students’ career.  
To offer necessary suggestions and recommendation, to the college authority, if needed.