The college has a beautiful hostel with the accommodation of 500 boarders inside the college campus. It is run by the direct supervision and control of the college. There is a hostel committee to look after the interest of the boarders. Boarders are to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Board of Residence, Vidyasagar University. Any violation of rules, must strictly be penalized. Considering the benefits of the students coming from poor and middle class families, the hostel meal charge has been fixed at Rs.450.00 p.m. only excluding the monthly seat rent and establishment charges of Rs.250.00, for Electric generator charges Rs.25.00 per month. Boarders are to pay all charges in the college cash counter within the first week of every month. Defaulters are to pay a fine of one rupee per day.

Students intending to reside in the Hostel may apply in the prescribed form available in the college office at the cost of Rs.50.00 at the time of their admission in the college. The decision of the Hostel Committee is final regarding admission in the both inside and outside the college and hostel and the extent to which she observes the rules and regulations of the institution. Daily Programme for the boarders and all rules and regulations are subject to changes from time to time.

Sl. No. Particulars Total Amount
1. Admission Fee Rs.500.00
2. Establishment charge Rs.100.00
3. Caution Money Rs.200.00
4. Meal Charge Rs.450.00
5. Seat Rent Rs.275.00
6. Donation during Admission for Cot and Table) Rs.2,000.00
  TOTAL Rs.3,525.00


Curbing Ragging in Educational Institution

Any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the students shall be given liberty to explain, if her explanation is not found satisfactory the authority would expel her from the institution.